Chocolate Raspberry Cups


Chocolate Raspberry Cups

So after I made chocolate nutella cups, I had extra chocolate cups and I decided to play around with them. Since they were too sweet before, I decided to nix the idea of filling them with nutella and then topping them off with more melted chocolate. I still had some nutella left as well as a carton of raspberries and I got the idea to make tiny fruit cups. I filled some of them with a the smallest amount of nutella and then topped them off with the fruit. I personally liked using the chocolate as a base for a fruit topping better than making the nutella cups because it was balanced out the sweetness with a little tartiness. You can definitely use strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or any other kind of fruit to go with these cups. They so versatile and they make serving fruit kind of fun and elegant.


-Chocolate (I recommend bitter sweet or semisweet)
-1 carton of raspberries
-nutella or some other chocolate spread



  1. Melt your chocolate and gently coat paper liners (or silicone candy molds) with the chocolate. Let it harden.
  2. Carefully remove the chocolate shells from their molds. Add a small dollop of nutella and garnish with raspberries (ow whatever berries you prefer).

Hugs and puppies!



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