Cooking Shenanigans

So last night, I was abducted by some unknown person and tortured to tell them the secret location of some important thing that should not be mentioned. Luckily I managed to get away before he could cut off a finger. And yes I kept my mouth shut. I took on 25 agents and got away with a single laceration. And then Nick Fury asked me to join the Avengers.

Okay, okay, okay here’s what actually happened: While attempting to make crumble with my emulsifier, I had the brilliant idea of sticking my finger between the blades to unclog the butter. Yes I know, stupid Mimi never ever stick your fingers in a plugged in device with whirling blades. My left finger brushed the button, the blades whirled and I lacerated (sounds so much cooler than mangled/partially severed/chopped up) my right index finger. 3 hours, an ambulance ride and a trip to the emergency room later, I went home with 6 stitches in my finger and a tetanus shot. The stitches come out in a week (or next monday) unfortunately I will be unable to cook for a bit, so please bear with me. Luckily, I have some backup posts from the past. During the following week I will be editing and posting those. Or maybe I’ll start a book, “The Painful Cooking Shenanigans of Mimi T.” Part one shall be called, Whirling Blades of Doom or something less dramatic, The Hidden Dangers of Emulsifiers. Don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine and I will be back in the kitchen before you know it. In the meantime, I will be playing with some puppies and taking painkillers every 4 to 6 hours. Let’s just say this little chef has learned something or rather re-learned some kitchen basics 🙂 Blades and fingers were never meant to be close friends.

But for PR purposes, I was abducted by a enemy spy, trapped in a basement while the spy slowly sawed through my finger to obtain top secret information.  Before he got too deep, I managed to get free, knock him out, take on another 24 agents (with my laceration placed above heart level to staunch the blood flow) and got away. Then I headed to the hospital, got 6 stitches and returned home for a well deserved rest. Currently I am not in NYC on another top secret mission: chilling out with family friends and their new puppies for the 4th of July.

This post will self-destruct within 5…..


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