Cheese fritters or Fried mozzarella balls

I’ve made these a couple of times, but I never had the chance to post them. If you’re a fan of fried mozzarella sticks like I am, then you’re going to love these. It takes no time whatsoever and it’s absolutely delicious. I stumbled upon the recipe a few weeks ago and so far I’ve made it at least 4 times. Everyone has loved them and they’re a great party snack. You can play with the size, personally I like them to be bite sized or big enough for 2 bites. I’ve made them bigger, but I found that it makes it impossible to get a perfectly golden crust as well as a melted center. One thing I changed with this recipe is to double coat the cheese fritters in bread crumbs, that way the cheese won’t explode out while you’re frying them.


-1 1/2 cups fresh whole milk ricotta
-1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
-2 cups panko (Japanese bread crumbs)
-3 large eggs
-3/4 cup all-purpose flour


  1. Combine the ricotta and mozzarella in a big bowl. Salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.
  2. In a small bowl, lightly beat the eggs and set aside. Place the flour in another small bowl and the panko in third bowl.
  3. Take a small handful of the cheese mixture and make a small ball. Roll the ball in flour, making sure that it gets covered all the way. Now comes the messy part, dip it in the eggs until it is all covered and then roll it in the bread crumbs. Re-dip the balls into the egg and cover it again in the panko. Your hands will get messy, so I advise designating one hand to roll the cheese in the flour, a fork to dip the ball in the eggs, and the other hand to roll the cheese in the bread crumbs.
  4. Place them on a sheet pan lined with parchment and let the cheese re-chill in the fridge.
  5. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a pot. A little trick I learned from my parents, you know the oil is ready when a tiny stream of bubbles appear from the tip of a chopstick (or anything thin and wooden) inserted in the oil at a 45 degree angle. Fry the cheese balls in batches, you don’t want to over crowd the pot.
  6. Cook until the bread crumbs turn a nice golden color, then remove the cheese balls from the oil and let them drain on paper towels.
  7. Let them cool and enjoy! You can probably make a dipping sauce to go with it, but I found that they’re perfect just the way they are.
You can probably infuse more spices into the cheese if you would like. I think some garlic, basil, oregano or using different cheeses might add a new spin to these cheese fritters.

Hugs and puppies!



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