Slow Carb Diet

So if any of you readers have come across my blog via my boyfriend Patrick, I’d like to say hi! I’m Mimi and this is my food blog. I assure that none of the foods that I’ve posted has been eaten during this slow carb diet (because that would mean I failed miserably, which I feel like I’m doing). Anyway, if you are from Pat’s blog then you noticed how horribly our diet started out and yes I did call it “rabbit food” minus the turkey of course 🙂 Pretty sure bunnies aren’t omnivores. I’m starting tonight and so I’ll (hopefully) have good recipes for you soon (that photo that Pat put up is an atrocity).

For my regular readers, who have no idea what I’m blathering on about…

Welcome to the slow carb diet! I’m a little lazy about typing it all out, so you can read about what we’re actually doing here. Basically, my boyfriend and I decided to stick to this diet for two weeks, not to lose weight (mind you I’m quite happy with my body and so is he. We’re just attempting to be more healthy. I mean as delicious as they are burgers and disco fries can’t be a very healthy diet for us).

In a nutshell, we’re avoiding all white carbs (rice, pasta, bread, cereals), dairy (except for cottage cheese I think? oh and butter, one of the few bright sides!) and fruits (except avocados and tomatoes, I totally thought they were veggies. Admit it! You thought so too! Or maybe I’m just the silly misinformed one…). Another bright side is we can eat lean meats, and turkey bacon is okay to eat too! Yay! On the major bright side, we do get to have ONE cheat day (where I shall stuff myself with ice cream and chocolate and disco fries and pizza and all of the foods I’m craving now, but obviously not all together…). It’s all about the bright sides people :p

Anyway! I’m hoping to make this diet more appetizing through substitutions and using my culinary skills (or whatever I seem to have). Hopefully the next few meals will be good enough to post and I can share them with you in case (for some strange reason, you decide to embark on this diet as well). Hopefully I can start tonight, oh and I will be uploading previous posts of past cooking endeavors so if you aren’t on a diet. Don’t worry, I’ll still have some scrumptious things for you to try!

Maybe, if I’m good enough, this diet will give me abs of steel and help me get rid of the little extra flub I have around my hips.

Well that’s all folks! Wish me luck!



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