I’ve been dying to try and make churros for quite some time and it even seemed like fate when I came across the churro recipe in my Saveur magazine. It was a mexico issue and listed first under the dessert recipes was none other than Churros con Chocolate Caliente (Churros with hot chocolate). Well I wasn’t really feeling the hot chocolate seeing as it was August, but I did have a mug of hot chocolate after dinner. So we (my friend Kelly, Pat and my roomie Diamond) decided to make a chocolate dipping sauce instead. There’s another reason as to why I decided to make churros and that was because today in the Olympics the Mexican soccer team beat the Japanese. Okay so maybe I’m betraying my native country (Japan) by celebrating the fact that the Mexican team won (yes I know dishonor on me, my family and all that) but I like to think that I’m just being a good sport. You’re probably thinking, “but Mimi, churros have nothing to do with the olympics!” well I agree they aren’t decorated with the five rings or the British flag, but churros are delicious and why not make a Mexican dessert to celebrate their victory? Don’t worry I’ll still be rooting for Japan in the women’s soccer match and I have a perfect dessert to celebrate with (whether they win or lose, because they will do an awesome job no matter what!). I’ll hopefully make more actual olympic themed desserts soon, but that’s for another post.

And on that note we will move on to what’s really important. The Churros!


-6 tbspn unsalted butter
-1 tsp kosher salt
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-1 stick cinnamon (or half a tspn ground cinnamon) plus 1 tbspn cinnamon
-2 1/4 cups AP flour
-2 cups sugar
-1 egg
-canola oil for frying
Chocolate dipping sauce:
-2 to 3 oz semisweet chocolate
-some heavy cream


  1. Bring the butter, salt, vanilla, cinnamon, and 2 ¼ cups water to a boil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Remove and discard cinnamon (since I used grated cinnamon I didn’t really remove it), and add flour. Stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, cook until a smooth dough forms, about 5 minutes. Transfer dough to a bowl, and add egg; stir vigorously until dough is smooth. Transfer dough to a piping bag fitted with star tip and set aside. Meanwhile, combine sugar and ground cinnamon in a 9 inch cake pan.
  2. Fill a large pot until it has about a 2 inch depth of canola oil. Heat the oil until it reaches 400 degrees. I don’t have a oil thermometer, so I just waited until a thin stream of bubbles rose from the tip of a chopstick pressed against the bottom of the pot at a 45 degree angle. I did a test churro and since the oil didn’t bubble furiously around it, I heated the oil at a higher temperature (I suggest using a high flame, but be careful to not overheat the oil or you might break it down and then it’ll be useless).
  3. Once the oil is hot enough, pipe the churro dough in a fairly straight line in the oil. You don’t want to crowd the churros or else they won’t cook properly. Saveur suggests that you fry them in batches of 4 six-inch long churros in an 8 qt Dutch Oven. I didn’t have a dutch oven, so I just did two churros at a time and it worked perfectly. Fry them, turning often, until they’re golden brown, about 2 minutes each.
  4. Drain them briefly on a wire rack placed above a roasting pan lined with paper towels. Then roll them in the cinnamon sugar mixture until they are well covered.
  5. Meanwhile make the chocolate ganache. Place the chocolate chips and the heavy cream in a heatproof bowl. Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring in between, until the chocolate melts and combines with the heavy cream. Drizzle over the churros or dip the churros in the chocolate and enjoy!

I didn’t think that churros would be this easy, but it was. I think the hardest part was making sure that the oil was hot enough. I would definitely make this again, especially since one of my other friends really loves churros. I didn’t use up all the dough (I made about 8 churros with a little less than half the dough), so I’m guessing that you can make a lot of churros in one batch. I love that you can pipe them to be a long or as short as you want. I really want to try and make them really long like the ones you get at Disneyland or something, but first I’ll have a get a Dutch oven. I definitely can’t wait to make these again! Ahaha okay so maybe churros aren’t really olympic themed treats, but they’re still delicious.

Hugs and puppies!



3 thoughts on “Churros!

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  2. Just tried your recipe and it’s by far the best I’ve made. Light and crunchy they were a huge hit. I did add an extra egg as with one egg the mix seemed too thick for me to pipe it out of the pipping bag. Will definitely be making it again!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hey Trish! Thanks for using my recipe! What size eggs did you use? I usually use large or jumbo eggs, so if you were using medium eggs, you might have to use an extra one 🙂 Glad that you enjoyed the recipe!

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