Sweet Revenge

So a few days ago, the owner of Sweet Revenge  came to the NYU Stern building to talk to future entrepreneurs about building your own company. I decided to go because Pat texted me and told me that this woman who paired cupcakes with wine was talking. And she was BRILLIANT. Marlo Scott opened Sweet Revenge, NYC’s only bar that serves cupcakes with your beer&wine. Tomorrow, she’s participating in THE Food & Wine Festival (Godiva presents SWEET Event). The one with the Food Network. THE Food&Wine Festival that Giada De Laurentiss, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay and all those amazing Food Network people will be. How amazing and brilliant and super awesome is that? Anyway she came to NYU and talked about how to make it in the cutthroat entrepreneurship world. She really inspired me. Truly.

Some of her words that I will always keep in mind are:

-When you’re authentic, people are more willing to help

-Don’t be afraid to try things

-Embrace the fear of failure, because it’s not failure. It’s learning

-You will get there eventually, through perseverance and patience

Oh and most importantly

-If you’re not willing to do the homework before, you will still have to deal with it. So have a business plan

And what’s amazing is that yours truly, yup that’s me, has an interview with her and her top chef this coming tuesday. After the talk (I had to run because I was late for babysitting), Pat went up to Marlo and asked her about food photography opportunities. He then mentioned that I love to bake (I also asked him to do this) and well she was interested in seeing my resume. I sent it in and now I have an interview. Hopefully I can line an internship up with Sweet Revenge for this summer or whenever. I’m just so excited to be able to talk to these amazing people. Sometimes life works out perfectly for you, it really does and I am one helluva lucky girl 🙂

Wish me luck! Hugs and puppies!



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