My class at Le Cordon Bleu

A few winters ago, I managed to enroll in the Sabrina courses at Le Cordon Bleu. I had a patessarie class and a lunch/dinner class. For the lunch/dinner, the menu was Filet Mignon De Porc Roti Et Son Etuvee De Chou Au Bacon Et Carotte Vichy (please excuse the lack of accents and other French grammar that I cannot produce on my keyboard). Ahahah I know that’s quite a mouthful, but it is quite a delicious mouthful. Basically it was a slow roasted (roti in french means slowly roasted meat) pork filet, cabbage and bacon steamed and cooked in butter, and carrots in a creamy butter sauce (almost like glazed carrots). This post is more of a photographic one, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it 🙂


Well we first started off with the pork filet. We prepared it by cutting off all the tendons and the fats, saving them to flavor the sauce we would prepare for the filet.


Then when that was done we set the pork aside.


We then laid out four pieces of prosciutto, brushed them with egg whites, placed four sage leaves on top and brushed them with egg whites again.


Then we placed the prepared pork filet on top of the sage leaves, brushed egg whites on top of the pork, placed four more sage leaves on top of the pork, brushed more egg whites on the sage leaves and finally layered the remaining four pieces of prosciutto on the pork and rolled the prosciutto tightly over the pork.


Essentially it was like a pork filet and prosciutto sausage.


After browning the surface of the pork filet in a frying pan, we then placed it in a pan and slid it into the oven to be roasted slowly.


The pork filet cannot be cooked in a frying pan because it is covered in prosciutto, which can easily burn and it was too thick. Therefore it is browned to seal in the meat juices and then placed in the oven to be slow roasted, making it a roti.


We then made a sauce for the roti using veal broth, white wine and the tendons that we cut off earlier (don’t worry it’s not as gross as it sounds…we drained the sauce and discarded the tendons. They were only used to flavor the sauce).


While the meat was in the oven, we melted butter (a lot of it) in two pans and got started on the carrot vichy and the cabbage and bacon embeurrée (in french, embeurrée means buttered).


Well I’m sure you can imagine what happened then. We cut and peeled carrots, cabbages and sliced bacon. The cabbage and bacon went into one pan of butter while the carrots went into the other pan.

IMG_3738After adding salt and pepper and mixing the cabbage and bacon we covered it with a paper lid and a normal pan lid to steam the vegetables and make them tender.

IMG_3739 For the carrots, we added salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar, mixed it well and then double-lidded it.



It was all together an excellent experience and well worth it. My family enjoyed every bite of the dinner I brought home and they can’t wait for me to make it again.Once I find the recipe…


Hugs and puppies!



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