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Hey everyone!

I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while. The truth is, I had to leave my comfy home in Tokyo and my beautiful kitchen aid to fly into the open arms of lovely Spain! Or rather Madrid! Yes, you read that right! I’m now in Madrid, settled into my homestay and getting ready for a semester in this absolutely amazing city. I hope you all don’t mind that this blog will now become more of a travel blog because well I don’t think I have as much access to the kitchen as I did back home in Tokyo and New York. I do promise to keep you all updated on the wonderful food I eat and any foods that I might have a chance to help make (And don’t worry, I have a few posts saved for foods that I made in the past)!

Hopefully, while I’m abroad, I’ll get to travel around other parts of Europe and eat all kinds of foods! As well as improve my spanish. I have a very limited vocabulary and I’d love to be able to hold a smoother conversation with my señora without having to stop and wonder about certain tenses halfway through a sentence. My señora already told me that I need to “praticar su vocabulario” because I get the tenses wrong so often. Oops :p

I’m off to head to a NYU orientation, but I’ll be back soon with more fun stories.

Hasta luego chicos!


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