On my frist day to the NYU Orientation, I got lost. Yep. My señora got me on the metro (el numero seis to be exact) and gave me the metro station to get off of (República Argentina). I was feeling pretty great about myself while walking to the metro. Thinking Look at me, riding the metro like a proper Madrileña and only on my second day here! So far, Madrid is excellent and then it hit me. I had no idea how to get to the school once I got off the metro. Cue panic and fear. I kept thinking to myself Calm down, you can do this. You can always ask people where it is and who knows? Maybe other NYU Madrid students will be there. But my heart kept palpitating and my eyes were probably like those of a deer caught in headlights. I could see other Madrileños staring at me (it’s apparently something they do), but my panic stricken mind regarded it as them noticing that I was hopelessly going to be lost. The metro cruised to a stop at República Argentina and I boldly walked along to the exit and then dashed to the nearest map. Merp. There was no friendly sign pointing “Here is the NYU Madrid Campus you silly little goose.” So I left the metro exit and wandered to and fro in front of the metro entrance. I finally gathered the courage to ask a nearby Madrileña with her daughter, “Perdon, donde esta la escuela de Nueva York?” Yup. I’m that much of an airhead. I didn’t even think to say the address. She simply shook her head and said “Lo siento, no conozco la escuela.” AHHHH I could feel the tears building up as I ran from one policia to another. Finally on my third try, my mind kicked into gear.

“Perdon donde esta la escuela de Nueava York?”

“Eh, no conozco, conoces la direcciones?”

No, no I don’t. WAIT YES YES I DO!

“No…Ah! Si! Es calle segre ocho!” I was filled with relief


He flipped through the map book he had and pointed me in the right directions. Let’s just say I then managed to make it to the NYU Madrid campus in one piece and I was even early! After my little adventure, we NYU students went on a walking tour and we also got a pretty long orientation with a schedule of all the things we’re going to be doing this semester. It was a pretty uneventful until I ate the paella and had a tiny allergic reaction. No worries, I got some antihistamines and am now ready to continue my adventures in Madrid. I just wish I wasn’t allergic to it. I love paella!  I also got a new phone for Spain! Now I can actually call people when I get lost 🙂 On another note, my room mate came in that day and I think we’re going to get along wonderfully! I can’t wait to explore Madrid with her and my friends!

Well that was about it for the first day. Today we have lectures and classes in Español about the culture and to brush up on our language skills! I can’t wait!

Hasta luego!



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