One of MANY quaint little streets

One of MANY quaint little streets

So today, at 9 AM, we all met to go to our day trip in Segovia. Segovia is only about an hour’s drive away from Madrid and it is absolutely one of the prettiest cities I have ever been to. Despite the fact that it was cloudy and that it was threatening the rain, the buildings and the sites all took my breath away.


As soon as we parked, we divided into our groups and walked to different areas of Segovia. Our group, along with a few others, headed near the Cathedral and stopped by a little cafe for some cafes (and sandwiches/eclairs/cakes). After that, we walked along quaint little streets to Alcazar of Segovia. Now this palace was very exciting for me, a large disney fan, because it was apparently one of the castles that inspired Walt Disney’s trademark castle 😀



Isn’t it gorgeous? I thought it was. And the little girl inside me squealed with delight. As did my friends Jessi and Jess, who are also disney fans. We wandered through the palace which, despite the size, was done at surprisingly fast pace. Interestingly, this fortress had military origins that made it impregnable and was key  for the control of Castile. It was here that Isabella the Catholic set out for the main plaza to be proclaimed queen. We went through the courtyard, a foyer-esque place with suits of armor (for both soldiers and horses), a small room, a throne room, a wonderfully decorated hallway with a beautiful mural, a few more rooms and an inner church. We then got to climb up a tightly winding spiral staircase and emerged from the tower to see the layout of Segovia spread around us!

The view from the tower!

The view from the tower!


After Alcazar of Segovia, we headed to te Cathedral of Segovia and that was another breathtaking site within itself. The Cathedral was extremely late Gothic in style and it was built to replace an earlier Romanesque one. It was also ridiculously huge!



After that we wandered through the Sinagoga Le Mayor (Corpus Christi Church for the Jewish community) and then walked down to the aquaduct! This was another amazing site! The aquaduct is 2000 years old and still manages to deliver potable water to segovia from the mountains. How amazing is that?



Well I’m quite tired and need to get ready for an out-and-about excursion with other NYU Madrid students in different barrios (neighborhoods) tomorrow, so hasta luego!




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