Getting on Track

So now that classes have started, we’ve stopped going on these really cool, yet somewhat yawn inducing (due to the lectures) trips around Madrid. But it’s okay, I’ve got plenty of time to do that on my own 🙂 So far my classes all seem interesting and so far the work load isn’t too much. Which means I got to check out a few bars the past couple of nights.

El Tigre:

I can’r say much seeing as the minute I got there, my friends rushed me to get a drink and then rushed me out of the place so they could get on the last metro. From what I could gather as a hasty first impression, the sangria has a lot of sugar in it and the bar seemed, well empty. But I’ll be happy to give it the benefit of the doubt and head back there one of these days. I mean I was literally only there for 10 minutes.

Gabbana 1800:

Free drinks and no cover from 12:30 to 1? Yes please. My friend got to talk to the club promoter the day before we went, so we got to skip the line of Madrileños waiting to get in and literally be the first ones at the open bar. True, the drinks tasted like they had no alcohol in them, but they were free so who’s complaining? Apparently it’s a thing in Madrid in which every wednesday a bar has no charge for entrance and drinks for about 30 minutes. however, I’ve only heard this from one person so I’m unsure if it’s true :p I’ll let you know when I do more “research” on the topic.

Those are it, but I believe my friends and I are going to try and hit up some more bars and discotecas this coming weekend! I’ll let you know if I survive!

Hasta Luego!



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