This has nothing to do with food or travel, but…


This is ピーちゃん (pe-chan)

My grandma and grandpa’s pomeranian died last saturday. While she was their dog, I could have sworn she was also mine. Ever since I was a little girl, she was at my grandparents’ house and whenever I was there I played with her. We played on their lawn, I taught her tricks, she would cuddle with me and I would rub her tummy for hours. I think I was only in kindergarten when their older pomeranian pon-chan died and they brought home pe-chan. I guess you could say we grew up together, even though we never lived in the same house. I love her so much and I miss her already. I wish I could’ve been there when she went. I love you so much ピーちゃん  RIP ❤

On a brighter note, my grandparents have a new puppy. It has some big paws to fill, but I think it’s up for the challenge. I’ll miss ピーちゃん very much and I’ll never forget her. She was like my first dog, but I’m also excited to welcome this little one into our family too. I just wish I didn’t have to miss all of his puppy moments 😦 Dogs grow up so fast and so by the time I get home (3 months or so) this one’s sure to be a grown pup. Talk about bittersweet. I can’t wait to meet you when I get home from Spain, cutie ❤


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