So this weekend, I went to Lisbon, Portugal. I know! I’m still reeling with the fact that I was in Portugal! True, Lisbon isn’t as exciting as Paris, London, Rome or Berlin, but I think it’s a gem of a city. It’s small enough that you can walk everywhere, but it also have cute little trams, buses, go-karts running around. While I was only there for 2 days, I think I did everything that I wanted to do (minus the aquarium, but I can still live). Lisbon was absolutely amazing and beautiful to boot! I felt almost guilty as I frolicked through a park in a sleeveless dress while my friends back in New York were trying to survive the blizzard (Nemo right?). Anyway, I had the time of my life there and my hostel was pretty nice for being 14 euros a night. I’ll break up my posts so I don’t bombard you all with photos and stories, so hopefully you’ll enjoy them all!


On our first day, because we didn’t get to check in until 2 pm, my friend and I dropped our bags off at the hostel and then wandered around Lisbon. While most shops were still closed (it was 8 am in the morning), we had a pretty good time. We walked along the ocean, our hostel was literally right in the center of everything. It’s funny, Lisbon almost reminded me of San Francisco with it’s hills, trams and the red bridge. I swear we were in Lisbon and not California!


We also passed a lot of Pastelerías. Those Portuguese really love their pastries, not that I can say anything. I will admit that during my 2 day trip, I developed an affair with the traditional portuguese pastel de nata. A little custard tart that made my taste buds go “Wee~ohhh!” It was interesting because some pastelerias would give it to us plain, whereas others would give us cinnamon and powdered sugar to top on our pastel de natas

IMG_6881We then just wandered around, discovering random gardens:


Breathtaking views:


The photos don’t really do it any justice…


One last one…

IMG_6910After wandering, it was 10 am (hahah yeah we wandered for a full 2 hours), but we still couldn’t check into our hostel. After a quick break and a check on facebook to see what our friends were up to (which was sleeping, those lucky ducks got to check in early), Jessica (that’s my friend) and I looked up some turist-y places to visit and decided to make our way to Castelo de são Jorge….


3 thoughts on “Lisboa!

  1. If I were just looking at the bridge picture and not see the title of your post I would have thought you are in San Francisco too! 🙂 Traveling itself is a gem no matter where you are visiting (but of course my favorite is Europe! 🙂 )

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