Bonjour Paris!


So I spent the past weekend in Paris and this is by no means my first time there. In fact, it was my third time in the city of l’amour, incredible boulangeries and patisseries, I found plenty of ways to keep myself occupied! And I may make some posts about my previous adventures in Paris as well (if you all don’t mind).

My friend Lea and I landed in Beauvais at 8 AM, bright eyed and bushy tailed…okay so maybe that’s a lie, but it was still fun. We bought our tickets for a bus from Beauvais to Pershing Park in Paris (a bus parking lot near Ponte Maillot, line 1) which was about an hour and a half away from Beauvais. Let me tell you, Paris was a lot colder than Madrid, but it was still exciting! There’s just something about travelling that makes a place so magical and amazing. People always think that magical worlds like Narnia and Harry Potter are inaccessible and only a part of our imagination, but I feel that just travelling to new (and maybe even old places) can lead us to magical adventures 🙂


Okay enough of the cheesy talk, after figuring out the metro (which like Madrid is so much easier to navigate) and finally getting to my friend’s apartment which is located in the 9th arrondissement literally 5 minutes from the Moulin Rouge and a wonderful view of the Sacré Coeur from her window! Unfortunately we were unable to see the Moulin Rouge because it tends to get a tad pricey for college students. Luckily I had seen it before, when I was in 7th grade, where I marveled at it for 10 minutes and crashed on the table (hey I was only in 7th grade, it was past 1 AM and I was jet lagged and let me tell you I struggled to stay awake!)


After settling down in my friend, Julia’s, apartment, we went to lunch to meet Lea’s friends for lunch! Where I may have gotten a tad too tipsy on an amazing wine and Baba au Rhum (a rum soaked dessert that is a must-try!). Afterwards, we made our way to the louvre to see the Mona Lisa!

Hugs and puppies!



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