Lost in the Louvre: Searching for Mona


So luckily, because we were students, we got into the louvre for free. I absolutely love perks like that. The last time I was at the louvre, was after trekking through Versailles with my family. We were exhausted and honestly, it probably wasn’t the best idea to do both equally large tourist things on the same day. Long story short, my family made a straight beeline (which is ironic, bees never fly straight…) to the Mona Lisa, saw her, took some photos and headed straight to a cafe nearby for some refreshments.


Okay back to the present, by the way, did I mention how cold Paris was? Because it was and I have only been to Paris when it’s blusteringly warm…. So once we got inside and defrosted a bit, we decided to take a look around, enjoy the art, soak it in and let it revive us. We decided to make Mona Lisa our last grand piece of art before we would call it a day and leave the Louvre. So we started at the sculptures! Where we oogled chiseled abs and sculpted butts (Literally) and marveled at the greek stories behind them (well I did, I was really into Greek mythology as a child. Everyone read Captain Underpants and I read Greek myths. My favorite? The story of Persephone. Yeah I was a nerd, we start young.)

You didn't think I would make a pun aout sculpted butts without giving you one to oogle did you?;)

You didn’t think I would make a pun about sculpted butts without giving you one to oogle did you?;)

After the sculptures, we made our way to the top floor to look at the paintings. Lea and I got a little too excited because they reminded us of many of the Spanish painters we studied in our Prado class. And then we saw art that we didn’t quite understand…


After an hour or so though, we all got arted out. I mean, honestly, the Louvre is huge! I feel like you could go everyday for a year and still NOT see everything! We started to get tired so we attempted to find Mona Lisa…


And got lost in the recreations of Napoleon III’s chambers…


And possibly ended up walking in the wrong direction…


But sheesh, how did Napoleon NOT get lost in his own house? There were so many rooms and we still didn’t see all of it!


We finally managed to escape the rooms and make our way down a sneaky flight of stairs in the back..


And realized that we were in the complete wrong wing for Mona Lisa. Oops? Well what’s a good adventure if you don’t end up getting lost?

2013-02-22 17.27.40

When we finally got to Mona Lisa, we took our photos, marveled and headed straight for the exit for some hot chocolate at Angelina (which in my opinion has the best hot chocolate in all of Paris, but I’ll talk more about that in a different post).  The Louvre is absolutely gorgeous, but you have to accept that you can’t do it all in one day nor can you do it all in a few visits. Just make sure you drop by to say hi to Mona 🙂



mmm chocolate

Hugs and puppies!



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