The Happiest Place in Europe


Yup, on saturday, I went to Paris Disney with my friend Julia. The thing was, I had done the cliche things before (Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Arch de Triumph, Bastille, Louvre…) and I was bound to do a few of them again in a few weeks with Patrick (He’s coming to visit and I’m oh-so-very excited!), so I did what any avid Disney fan would do. Booked a ticket for the Walt Disney Studios and Paris Disney and spent the entire day being 5 again. There were non of the regrets.

IMG_7076 IMG_7078

Being logical people, we started in The Walt Disney Studios because it closed at 7, whereas the other park closed at 10. We figured that this way, we would be able to spend all the time we wanted in both parks instead of being rushed through one and not the other. Let me tell you, it was absolutely freezing! But Julia and I were total troopers (not to mention huge disney fans) so we had a pretty awesome day.


We started off with the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, which I had never done before and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing! I’m not a huge coaster person, but strangely I enjoy every single one in Disneyland and this one was no different. It’s almost reminiscent of Space Mountain, shooting you off into the dark and sending you on a wild twisting ride. I screamed so much (confession: I did lose my voice by the end of the day). We did skip Tower of Terror due to the long line (60 min) and well, both us of weren’t too keen on it and we ended up having to skip Crush’s Coaster due to another long, unmoving line in the cold (75+ min). We did however have a blast wandering around

Toy story Studio

Toy story Studio

Toon studio

Toon studio

Cars :)

Cars 🙂

and ducking into Animagique and cinemagique for defrosting purposes.



I loved cinemagique, there’s just something about sketched out disney characters that just makes me love it even more!


Some adorable kids filling up the scream-o-meters

And then we made our way to Disneyland!


We started at Frontier land


Stopping by to ride the Phantom Manor and grab fast passes for Big Thunder mountain


Then made our way to Adventure land. Unfortunately Pirates was closed and Indiana Jones was too crowded so we decided to stop by on our way back…and forgot. We did walk through a warm passage that told Aladdin’s story though



And then we went to Fantasy land, where we rode It’s a Small World



Passed the long lines for Peter Pan’s Flight, Dumbo and the Teacups, Snow White was closed and we couldn’t find Pinocchio. But we did find the curious labyrinth…


We explored Aurora’s Castle after we got turned down at Big Thunder Mountain. Zere was a leetle technical difficulty, so they told us to come back later…or perhaps the next day? Julia and I decided that perhaps a snowy day was not the best time to ride an outdoor roller coaster where there have been reports of fatal accidents (I believe a car got de-railed once)


IMG_7237 IMG_7238

Then we went to Tomorrow land/Discovery land to ride Space Mountain


Four words: Best. Space. Mountain. Ever. It was amazing is all I can say.


And then it started to REALLY SNOW


SO we watched Captain EO (to defrost), got into a little competition at Buzz Light Year’s Astro Blasters (I got my butt served. I’m terrible at that ride) and finished the day with a little shopping on Mainstreet.



By 8 PM, both Julia and I were too cold and frozen to head back to the other rides to see if the lines got shorter and just high-tailed it to the metro station back to her apartment where we cuddled under blankets and drank hot tea.

Don’t get me wrong, that was the best day I’ve had so far!  But word of advice: if it’s too cold and you have other days to go to disney, do go during the warmer days. The lines at Paris Disney were mostly outside and there was no way Julia and I were going to wait 30 + minutes in the freezing cold. I think the cold was another reason why they had so many technical difficulties. What with Pirats, Snow White and an entire section of Walt Disney Studios closed and technical difficulties with Big Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan’s Flight as soon as it started snowing, it’s clear Disney Paris is a place to be once it gets warmer.  Also Disney Paris should invest in heat lamps to station along the lines….

Hugs and puppies!



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