Castelo de Vide


It was 8 AM when I blearily opened my eyes and hopped into the shower. After a night of drinking sangria, dancing, and playing pool, (I solemnly swear that I’m 21 and allowed to enjoy the European nightlife while being legal everywhere in the world!) the last thing I wanted to do was wake up at 8 AM and ride the bus down to Portugal at 9:30. But drag myself out of bed I did, and boy was I glad 🙂



After hopping off the bus, the first thing we got was 20 minutes of free time to freshen up at the little cafes dotting the streets. My friends and I ducked into the nearest one for coffee, tea and my one Portuguese love, the Pastel de Nata

IMG_7392This little beauty is a common Portuguese pastry, a thin flakey crust filled with divinely smooth egg custard. It was absolutely delicious and the perfect thing to start off my day. After our quick bite, we wandered toward the plaza mejor when a cute little Portuguese friend decided to join us!



He was the cutest, friendliest thing and he made me miss my dogs back home. After petting and playing with our new friend, it was time to start our tours. First we went into the church in the center of the plaza…



There is no doubt that Europe loves their churches and each church is magnificent in their own ways!


After that, we wandered up the narrow little streets…


to the castle!


But before climbing the actual castle, we wandered around the neighborhood. Each little street was gorgeous. A word of advice: wear good walking shoes! The cobblestones can get dangerous and I saw one girl wearing heeled boots (she was not a happy camper, but then again, who wears heels on school trips?). Ah, to each their own, no? Anyway, while wandering, I was so happy to see so many dogs! There were everywhere and being the dog lover that I am, I had to pet almost each one.


After wandering around, we finally headed inside the castle and climbed..


on to the roof!



The views were absolutely stunning!

IMG_7413 IMG_7421

After hanging around on the roof taking photos and drinking in the view, we had an hour or so to go shopping before having to meet for lunch. I ended up just buying postcards, but a few of my friends bought vinho verde, a green wine that’s supposedly this little town’s signature wine.

Then we headed off to lunch, where we had pretty traditional Portuguese cuisine. It started off with some tapas-esque dishes(cheese, fried sausages, croquetas, bread) an aperitif, then we had a soup with bacalhou (dried and salted cod), followed by a salad (where the vegetables are locally grown) and some sort o bacalhou side dish. We then ended with a dessert of either chocolate mousse, egg custard or a fruit salad. Did I mention that we were able to drink wine with our meal? While everything was absolutely delicious, I am sad to say becuase I was feeling sick, I didn’t get to enjoy it as much. The tapas were so delicious I could’ve eaten so many! The soup, while lacking some salt, was pretty good. The salad, while wonderfully refreshing, was a little off for me because  it came mixed with warm bacalhau and I personally like my salad and sides to remain separate. The wine was a little acidic, but I wasn’t able to enjoy it due to the fact that I had taken some ibuprofen. For dessert, I had chosen the mousse and talk about a flavor blast! I tasted more sugar than chocolate and while that might have been delicious when I wasn’t too sick, it did make me a tad nauseas. Overall though, it was a great meal. If you would like to check it out, it’s called “Do Parque” and is located in Castelo de Vide

After lunch, we all hopped back on the bus and headed for Marvâo! But that’s another post!

Hugs and puppies (so many puppies!)





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