And so the trip begins…

So after Julia came home, which was less than 30 minutes after we arrived, we decided to explore some more. Luckily this time, the travel bags stayed in the apartment. We wandered through the neighborhood, past the Moulin Rouge and up the hill to the Sacre Coeur, the highest point in Paris. Now if you’re in Paris this is, in my opinion, one of the must-see tourist sites. We walked up the quaint and delightful little street called Rue de Abbesses and made our way up, up, UP to the top. While I was winded, it wasn’t as bad as I expected and the view was absolutely worth it.


You really could see all of Paris from that point.


We wandered through the church and then made our way back down for some snacks aka some crepes! I was so excited to see the guy making them that he offered me the crepe batter spreading stick and, I think, asked if I wanted to try. I totally should have, but being placed on the spot, I had shook my head rapidly and laughed. Yeah I know I’m an idiot. But the crepes were delicious and I think that if I had attempted one, it would have been full of holes or something. Pat got a nutella crepe, Julia got a butter and sugar and I got a salted caramel crepe. Gosh I am so obsessed with salted caramel, it’s not even funny. Speaking of, I should learn to make it sometime!



After our crepes, we all decided that we wanted to grab a quick drink before heading back down to Julia’s apartment, so we stopped by a small, nice looking bar and settled down for drinks. And then we saw that there was escargot on the menu…

Well I had never tried it and neither had Pat and Julia, so we all (well Julia and I) swallowed our unease and ordered 6 pieces of escargot. 2 for each of us. 2 snails.  2 garlic smothered snails. But snails nonetheless. Did I mention I’m a HUGE bug-a-phobe? As in, I even had butterflies and ladybugs. I hate all bugs. The thought of even consuming one? Bluegghhhhhhh


And they came to the table, piping hot and smothered in garlic. We picked up our escargot eating tools, pried out the snails and ATE THEM! Blahhhhh I was not a huge fan of them. While they were gummy and smothered in garlic (and I believe a pesto of some sort) I just couldn’t shake the fact that they were snails and I was eating it out of their homes. As Julia said, “We’re eating Gary!” A lot of my friends (Pat included) loved them when they had them in Paris. I, however, did not jump on that bandwagon. The texture was like eating a whelk or some sort of shellfish, but I just couldn’t stomach the fact that it was escargot. Needless to say I’m glad that I tried it and I am happy to report that I will not be eating them willingly ever again.


After escargot, we went back to the apartment where I promptly passed out from my small glass of Rosé wine and Pat and Julia shared another bottle of vino and had a nice chat. Hey, it was a pretty big day for me and the escargot took everything that I had. After I woke up, we all went to a nearby restaurant called Hippopotamus for steak and called it a night.

What a great way to start a trip in Paris right?

Hugs and puppies!



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