Steak Night

So Friday night, Julia and her roommates were leaving the city. Two for a class trip, one for Amsterdam with a friend, so Pat and I had booked a night at hostel in a totally different area. We metro-ed it to Crimée near the Canal de L’Ourcq to a hostel called St. Christopher’s Inn. While it was nice, it was a tad pricey for two and it wasn’t very Parisian, but it was still pretty fun. We explored the neighborhood a bit, ate some Chinese food, came back to the hostel to nap and then watched Adventure time until we decided to go eat dinner. It was just one of those days where we wanted to just relax and well seeing as the hostel was too far from the other places we wanted to visit, we thought it wouldn’t be bad to just be couch potatoes. But dinner was absolutely amazing! We went to Au Boeuf Couronné, which was supposed to be one of the best steak places in Paris. While it was a little expensive, Pat and I thought it was definitely worth it and we celebrated our one-year anniversary (albeit a little belated).


I tried bone marrow for the first time! And boy was it something. I wouldn’t say I fell in love with it right then and there, but it was pretty good. It was a little on the rich side and sprinkled with salt so full of flavor. It was pretty gelatinous too, but still delicious. Unlike the escargot, I’d be down to try this again.


But after the bone marrow, was perhaps the best steak I had ever had. Pat and I split it (it was for two people) and it was perfect. There was a nice flavorful crust on the outside and the inside was perfectly rare and delicious. Not to mention the potato soufflés (potato slices double fried to a delicate puff ball), garlic green beans and regular fries that came with it. The potato soufflés were so wonderful. They were perfectly salted and so light and airy! The service was really nice too! The waiter noticed that we didn’t really speak French, so he got us English menus and helped us chose a wine. Not to mention he came back to see if the steak was perfectly cooked and how everything tasted.


For dessert, we split the manager’s “Stress buster” chocolate and stress buster chocolate it was. There were three little desserts


A profiterole sandwiches rich dark chocolate ice cream smothered in bittersweet chocolate sauce. Chocolate pot de crème topped with a mountain of airy whipped cream.


And a white chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup topped with pistachios. This one was Pat’s favorite, but the profiterole was my favorite. It was so delicious and we were so full after ward. If you want really good steak and frites in Paris, than Au Boeuf Couronné is the place for it.


Hugs and puppies!



Au Boeuf Couronné

188, Avenue Jean Jaurés


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