Getting lost in Paris

So I’m back in Madrid. It’s a little sad because Pat will be heading back to New York soon, but I suppose I’ll have my other travels to keep me from being too sad. Our week in Paris was absolutely amazing, not to mention the abundance of food and well carbs, I seriously would do unspeakable things for real, actual vegetables. None of that potato and lettuce and tomato stuff (I’ve been eating those everyday in sandwiches) no something like bell peppers, zucchinis, squash, spinach, you know.

Any way, now that I’ve got some time, I’ll finally tell you about our time in Paris!

On our first day, Pat and I had just gotten off the bus from Beauvais airport to Porte Maillot. After stopping by the bathroom to freshen up, we grabbed a quick breakfast (croissants and tea and espresso) and began wandering around. We were headed to our friend, Julia’s apartment, she’s studying in Paris this semester, but since it was only 11 AM and she wouldn’t be back from class until 3, we decided to wander.


Funnily enough, we had no idea where we were going. So we kept walking in one direction and to my surprise we saw the Arc de Triomphe. I got very excited then because, well having been to Paris before, I knew the general area of the Arc de Triomphe.


After taking photos of the Arc, Pat and I headed down the Champs-Elysees. I kept remembering how silly my mom and grandmother had been the last time I was at the Champs-Elysees. They had decided it was fun to walk (or rather sashay) down the street holding their sun umbrellas up in the air and singing “Oh Champs-Elysees~.” Oh gosh that was embarrassing. Luckily Pat didn’t even know the song, so there was no worry about him bursting into song right then and there.


So Pat and I made it down the Champs-Elysees and ended up across the street from the Grand and Petite Palais. Here we encountered a map and found out the address to our friend’s apartment. After pointing out the general direction, we began walking briskly toward one direction….and ended up circling around the Grand Palais and then getting lost in the narrow, winding Parisian streets.



I was not a very happy camper because well, a) I was hungry, b) I was tired, and c) Pat and I were lost in a city where we didn’t really speak the language. Oops? But I guess you can’t really have fun in a city until you get lost and discover little things off the beaten path, no? (Pat’s probably going to laugh when he finds out that I wrote this because well I was not having the most fun at that moment). Luckily, we found another street map, took photos of it (we didn’t have wifi and so didn’t have access to google maps, I do feel more accomplished when I manage to get from point a to point b without google maps though) and went off again. After stopping by a nice little café called Midoré for some nourishment (aka sandwiches and croque monsieurs) Pat and I finally found ourselves on the right street and made it to Julia’s apartment. While we were still a little early, her roommate was there and opened the door for us and let us in.


I can’t say I was extremely happy to be sitting down. We had started our journey at around 11 AM and reached our destination at 2:30 PM. A trip that would have taken maybe 20 minutes by metro, but then again we did get lost. I guess you could say we had gotten the exercise we needed to burn all the calories that were about to be consumed! And I’m really glad that we walked instead.


While walking was fun, it’s no fun toting a travel bag. So I advise that if you are ever in Paris, which is a perfectly fine walking city, first drop off your bag somewhere (take the metro, it’s quite easy to navigate) and make sure you know the general direction that you should be headed toward.


Hugs and puppies!




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