Changed Plans

Sunday morning, bright and early. Bahahah who am I kidding? Sunday morning, I made my crème brulee French toast and Pat and I ate a leisurely breakfast while watching Adventure time (yes we’re quite into it) and then we met up with Julia at 2 PM and headed toward the catacombs. We were so excited to see the catacombs and be creeped out by the skeletons and skulls. Unfortunately when we got there, the line was 2 hours long and apparently the catacombs close at 4PM. Erm it was already 2:40. So we couldn’t get into the catacombs and went home.


Just kidding!

Instead of planning to wait for 2 hours and not even have a slim chance of getting into the catacombs, we headed towards Shakespeare and Co because Julia really wanted to check it out and I was dying to go back. I was debating whether to buy the Joy of French Cooking by Julia Child. I didn’t.


We perused the bookstore, Julia fell in love with the little notes people had posted around the bookstore, I swooned over the nostalgic children’s books and Pat was wandering around. But it was awfully crowded, so we got over it pretty quickly and decided to leave. Well technically I was still searching for a book to buy (but we won’t get to that until the next day). So we left and wandered up past the Notre Dame to Rue de Rivoli to go to Angelina’s for a refreshing cup of hot chocolate.

We stopped by a funky looking art exhibit, well technically art studios, which were really interesting. I enjoyed it and Julia, Pat and a few French people got a kick out of my reaction when I went to take a closer look at the Eiffel towers and realized they were Eiffel tower dildos. Oops? That was embarrassing and, may have caused me to get a tad upset, but honestly, who likes getting laughed at by strangers? Not me. But they weren’t laughing at me, so I guess it wasn’t too bad. I just felt really silly and stupid. Anyway, we walked up 6 flights of stairs, stopping to wander through the studios. Encountering all sorts of art. There was art that reminded us of Coraline, lots of sexual art, nudes and really profound art. Let’s just say I got art-ed out. So we finally came out of the exhibit and headed to Angelina, starving and full of art.


Angelina has a huge line and it’s a tad pricey, but in my opinion it’s all worth it. I also believe that they have the best hot chocolate in the entire world. It’s literally melted chocolate in a cup. So rich, thick and filling. WE also split a millefuille which is one of my favorites in Angelina. The pastry is so flakey and the custard is so delicious. However I do think just getting a hot chocolate is filling enough. If you want a pastry, I advise you share.


After Angelina, despite being unbelievably full, we decided to go to the fondu place that serves wine in baby bottles. I had wanted to go since seeing photos of my friends there and Pat wanted to go because his friends had recommended it. So we looked up the address and headed off to the metro…


And then we had our first metro mishap. After trying to rush into the metro, I got my arm caught in the door and Pat got left at the station! He got squished by the doors as well, but to be correct he got squished by two doors, the train doors and the outer platform doors. Yowch. We, that is Julia and I, yelled at Pat to meet us at the next station where we were transferring and waited breathlessly for 3 minutes until the next train came. Luckily Pat was on it and the crisis was averted.


When we finally made it to the fondu place, called Refuge Des Fondus, it was just opening and we managed to sit own right away. It was such a cozy place, Julia and I had to hop over the table to get to our seats! There was no menu, the waiter simply asked if we wanted cheese or meat, red wine or white wine, and since there were three of us we got both cheese and meat and we all got red wine. In baby bottles!


The meat ended up being oil fondue and the cheese was just regular cheese fondue. The dippings were simple, meat, potatoes and bread chunks. We cooked the meat in the oil and dipped the bread and potato in the cheese. It was absolutely delicious and despite being so full from Angelina’s, we ate almost everything. I even took a baby bottle home with me. I just had to. After dinner, Julia and I carefully and tipsily made our way back over the table and we left the restaurant and headed home.

If you’re ever in Paris, you have to make your way to Refuge Des Fondus, but try and get there around 7 because by 8 there’s a crowd of people waiting to get in!

Hugs and puppies!





226 Rue de Rivoli (Les Tuileries)

Paris, île-de-France

Refuge Des Fondus

17 Rue des 3 Fréres

Paris, île-de-France


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