The Layover, Mimi and Pat style


Early Saturday morning, Pat and I had breakfast at the hostel and checked out. While we had to check out by 10:30, we had to wait a few hours before heading off to our apartment that we rented on airbnb (we were unable to check in until 2). Luckily we were able to stash our bags in their lockers for a few hours. Since we had a few hours, Pat and I hopped on a metro and made our way to the Notre Dame. It was my second time there, but it was still breathtakingly beautiful. It always reminds me of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not to mention it was it’s 850th anniversary so there was a giant gate before it and everything. Pat wasn’t too into the touristy stuff, but he did seem to enjoy wandering around the tower. I wanted to go up to the bell towers, but the line was crazy and well we didn’t really want to pay too much to go up.


see…very blurry 😦

IMG_1935 IMG_1933 IMG_1932

So we just wandered around inside. I didn’t get too many photos because we weren’t allowed to use flash and it was so dark that everything came out blurry.


But after the Notre Dame, Pat and I went to Berthillion, an ice cream store located on the Ile Saint-Louis, a tiny island in the middle of the Seine. According to Anthony Bourdain, the founder, Monsieur Berthillion, would not even give his sons the recipe for his ice cream! After finding it tucked away, Pat and I decided to give it a try. I was so excited! It was the first ice cream I had in a LONG time. I got a dark chocolate flavor and Pat got almond. They were both really delicious. Anthony Bourdain was right when he said it would “just blow the top of your head off.” We even got a second cone to split, salted caramel, because well that was the flavor I wanted originally and we came across it in another store selling Berthillion ice cream. Also because Pat is a sweetheart and knows that I’m obsessed with salted caramel.


After demolishing our ice cream, we took a quick stop to look around Shakespeare and Company (I went back multiple times) and admired the books.

We also saw the bridges where couples attach locks to resemble their love. They attach a lock with their names carved into it and throw the key into the seine to represent that their love is everlasting.

We also saw the bridges where couples attach locks to resemble their love. They attach a lock with their names carved into it and throw the key into the seine to represent that their love is everlasting.

Then we hopped back on the metro and picked up our bags before heading back toward our own apartment (well it was ours for 3 days). Our apartment was located literally 2 minutes away from the Moulin Rouge and it was so nice. Not to mention the guy who rented it to us, Damien, welcomed us with a bottle of wine. It was such a nice place! After dropping off our stuff, Pat and I went to grab lunch at KFC (weeee! We were craving some fried chicken…) and then went back to the room to nap (we’re also big on naps). We finally went to go grab some groceries and make our own dinner before we met up with Julia, who was back from her school trip in Dijon, for some absinthe! So after leaving breakfast (crème brulee French toast, post on that later) in the fridge to soak up the flavors and eating dinner, Pat and I made our way down to Plaza de Clichy to meet up with Julia and head over to try absinthe for the first time.


There were so many different types of absinthe! I got Musé verte (the green muse?), and Pat and Julia got something else. I don’t remember, but I do know Julia got the absinthe that apparently was Manson’s go to absinthe. It was quite an experience. The absinthe smelled like licorice and it burned something awful as I swallowed it. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any green fairies, but it was still pretty fun to try. We ended the night at Julia’s favorite Irish pub where they played great American music like Mambo No 5 and all sorts of crazy songs. I think Call Me Maybe was one. After finishing our beers, we all made our way back home and passed out.

Hugs and puppies,




Berthillon Ice Cream

31 Rue Saint-Louis en I’île

Paris, 75004

Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore

37 rue de la Bûcherie

Paris, 75005


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