Home sweet Madrid!

Well after saying goodbye to Patrick, I went off on my whirlwind spring break visiting friends in Brussels, shopping in Milan (but not really), wandering around Frankfurt, lying on the beaches of Kos/Kefalos, and taking in the history of Rome. It was absolutely amazing and tiring. I learned a lot from my experience one: I’m not a multiple countries in one week traveller. I realized I like to take my time in each place I visit. But it was extremely fun! Stay tuned for blog posts about each city/country soon!

What was also amazing was coming back to find that I’ve been nominated for yet another blog! Now that’s pretty cool! I’ve been nominated, thanks to the wonderful and amazing Tina, you really should check out her blog, for the 7 by 7 link award!



And now for the acceptance speech! 7 random facts about yourself; List 7 of my posts in 7 categories. Nominate 7 more bloggers.

7 Random  Facts about myself:

-While I’m having a blast in Madrid, I’m really homesick for NYC and Tokyo

-I am easily distracted by dogs

-Sometimes I like to chase pigeons…just for fun

-My friends have a mental book of Mimi-isms, aka quotes of the random things I say

-I aspire to go to culinary school (more focused on pastry or bread), but I’m really nervous

-I have a sweet tooth, but it depends on the sweet. (Does that make sense?)

-When I travel, I become the asian(Japanese)  stereotype and take photos of everything, but I hate being surrounded by tourists

7 posts in 7 categories:

Most Chocolate-y: Killer chocolate cheesecake 

Most challenging: My class at the Cordon Bleu

Most loved: Lemon Bars

Nerdiest baked good: Pi day Pies

On Traveling: The Layover, Mimi and Pat style

Most time taken to prepare: Roasted Guinea Fowl and Buttermilk Biscuits

Easiest recipe: Sweetheart cookies


7 More bloggers:

My Sweet Addict

The Ranting Chef

Carmelized Sarcasm

Sweet Little Thang

Fae’s Twist and Tango

Handle the Heat

Hungry at Midnight

And that’s all for today! So go check out these awesome blogs and well stay tuned for more travel posts! I also just got an instagram, Miyoreos, so if you’d like to see more travel pics or just photos of my food, check it out!


5 thoughts on “Home sweet Madrid!

  1. O’kaeri’nasa~i Mimi! From your posts, it is apparent that you had a great time in Europe! So~ good of you to drop by… and on top of that surprise me with 7 by 7 Link Award! Thank you very much for thinking of me. I will be looking forward to your future posts! Fae.

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