Visiting old friends in Brussels

Hey there!

Sorry it’s taking a while to update posts about my spring break (which was like 2 weeks ago) but I’ve been so busy in school. Since we only have 4 weeks left, the professors are cramming in as much work as possible..ahh the life of a student.

My first stop after saying good bye to Pat was Brussels. I was really excited to go because we have family friends who live there and it was my first time in Brussels. Not to mention the Belgium chocolates…mmmmmm


After landing in Charleroi international airport at 9 am, I got picked up and we headed back to the house to drop off my stuff and to eat breakfast, where I discovered a new amazing thing. Chocolate Speckuloos Spread. Now if you haven’t heard of Spekuloos than I beg you to go and try it now. Trust me, it will be the best thing you will ever eat. Now add in chocolate to the mix and you’re in pure bliss.


After breakfast, we headed up to the Atomium, a monument built in 1958 for the World Fair in Brussels. Currently, it’s a major tourist attraction in Brussels. What’s so cool about it is the structure. Constructed of balls and bonds, the atomium gets its name from its atom like structure. It was pretty amazing and so cool to go inside. It’s 8 levels spread among 5 spheres and it’s amazing to think that while you travel from sphere to sphere, you’re walking or rather climbing through the pole-like structures.


What’s also really cool is that on one of the last stairwells, going down, the escalator is surrounded by lights so you kind of feel like you’re in space (or if you’re a disney fan like me, on the space mountain ride)


After the Atomium, we went to grab lunch with my sister’s friend who is currently interning at the hospital. Despite everything they say about hospital food, I can definitely say that in Brussels, it’s quite delicious. I got a vegetable lasagna and a small apple tart and they were both amazing. After lunch, we headed to Mini Europe.


Big Ben! Or in this case, mini Ben (Little Ben? Baby Ben?)

Big Ben! Or in this case, mini Ben (Little Ben? Baby Ben?)

Mini Europe is just what it’s name suggests. Miniature models of all of Europe’s landmarks, important sites and buildings. I can proudly say that in under one hour, I have seen all of Europe! Mini-sized that is 🙂 I won’t bombard you with all the photos (I took one of every mini-construction and there are more than 100), but I will leave you with a few of my favorites!

The Eiffel Tower with the Atomium in the background

The Eiffel Tower with the Atomium in the background



I really couldn't fathom how long it took them to build each little monument/site, let alone the entire park!

I really couldn’t fathom how long it took them to build each little monument/site, let alone the entire park!


Isn't the detail simply amazing?

Isn’t the detail simply amazing?

After mini Europe, I was in for a treat. My family friends kept two horses, so I got to go horseback riding! I unfortunately don’t have photos of me actually riding, but please believe me when I say I did and I loved it. I hadn’t been horse back riding since I was younger and there’s just something about riding horses that makes me so happy. I always loved the clip-clop of the hooves and the swaying is quite soothing. They kept two horses, a stallion named Darius and a mare named Beauty. I got to ride the mare because the stallion, well he was a little feisty that day and let’s just say no one was really riding him that day.

Darius after he had calmed down a bit

Darius after he had calmed down a bit




That was basically my first day in Brussels and I absolutely loved it. After a nice home cooked meal and a hot shower, I just slipped into my pjs and watched some netflix. Hey I had a pretty productive day and we were going to the city center the next day.


Hugs and Puppies!




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