Easter Sunday at the Milan Duomo


I was super pysched to be going to Milan. It was my first stop in Italy and I have been dying to visit Italy since I read “The Thief Lord” way back when. So imagine my surprise when my friend, Jessica, and I landed in Milan, dropped our stuff off at the hostel and found almost every single building closed. They had some adorable leather boots in the shop window too…

IMG_2268 IMG_2270

Okay, so to be honest. I totally forgot about Easter Sunday. To my defense, I’m Buddhist. But that’s what I did on Easter. I went inside the Duomo and it was absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. I mean it was, wow, and the Mass they were holding. I felt like I had entered a very sacred place and it, well of course it was. It was the Duomo on Easter Sunday. I highly doubt it gets any more sacred than that. So after quietly appreciating the duomo, Jessica and I decided it was time to go.


We were a tad peckish (no actually famished) so we wandered through the area around the duomo, looking for a place to settle down and eat. Despite the beauty of the duomo, I was super excited for the food. I mean real Italian food in Milan? Yes please! Unfortunately, a lot of places were closed, but we did find a tourist-y restaurant nearby (it’s hard to find an authentically Italian café/restaurant when it’s Easter Sunday and the whole city was shut down) and settled down for pizzas.


I got a margarita pizza and it was absolutely amazing. I polished it off like it was nobody’s business. And I mean, c’mon who wouldn’t? After we ate, we still couldn’t check into the hostel, so we decided to cover all the tourist-y sites that we could. A word of advice? Milan doesn’t have many of them…but we did find a castle! So we hopped on the metro, which was pretty cheap. Milan has one of those 24 hour passes meaning that you spend about 4.5 euros (I think) on a metro pass and you can use it all day (for the next 24 hours).

IMG_7709 IMG_7710 IMG_7711 IMG_7712 IMG_7713 IMG_7714 IMG_7715

So we went to the castle, wandered around and decided it was time for a snack….


Pastel de natas were my lover in Lisbon, Chocolate speckuloos my lover in Brussels, Gelato was definitely my lover in Italy 😉

A delicious gelato snack. My absolute favorite gelato flavor is chocolate and stracchiatella. Stracchiatella, for those of you who don’t know, is a vanilla based gelato with smattering of chocolate shavings. If there’s one gelato flavor that makes my taste buds dance with joy, it’s stracchiatella. Along with the stracchiatella, I got tiramisu and that too was absolutely heavenly.

After our gelato snack, it was finally 2 pm and we were able to get to our hostel, check in, and relax. Unfortunately, while our hostel had wifi, they didn’t supply wifi to the individual rooms. So to relax with wifi, upload photos, reconnect to the world, we had to chill in the lounge area. Not a bad thing, but not exactly a great thing either.
We did however find a nice little restaurant near our hostel that served really good pasta and risotto (good for the price…hey I’m a poor broke college student remember?) and even more wonderful was a small gelatería and a bar called Café Hemingway on the street next to our hostel.

So after a pretty long day/morning, just wandering around a closed Milan, we snuggled under the covers of our little hostel beds and called it a night.

Hugs and puppies!



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