Hitting the streets of Milan, the fashion capital of Italy

After Jessica and I woke up and ate breakfast at the hostel, we decided that Milan wasn’t the city to marvel at old ruins and amazing sites (we had Rome for that) no Milan was the place to strut our stuff and go shopping. So we bought another 24 hour metro pass, hopped on the metro and headed toward the shopping areas. After we got off the metro, we quickly ducked into a café to fuel ourselves with none other than a cappuccino  My first cappuccino in Italy. Oh it was delicious. The memory of the taste still lingers….god I miss Italian food/drinks.


I mean, how awesome is it to be shopping in Milan? We went from store to store, trying on clothes, falling in love with shoes and tearfully placing them all back where we found them after we saw the prices. There is no doubt that Milan is a pretty bougie city. Not to mention Ryanair is kind of a stickler and with it’s bag limit, there was no way we could buy all that AND pay 50 extra euros to check a bag.


After walking around for a a bit and doing some serious window shopping, we stopped at a little café for a lunch of pasta and homemade bolognese. This definitely made my taste buds swoon. It was the perfect bolognese and I wish I could bring a jar of it home. I did however wish there was more sauce. I’m the kind of girl who likes more sauce than pasta and this is one sauce I would have loved to have more of. The pasta wasn’t my favorite type, it was a tad chewy, but it was still delicious and I don’t think I could have asked for anything more. What was really cute was that they had olive oil in packets! Only in Italy, no? I got such a kick out of it. It’s like instead of giving you sugar or ketchup or mustard, you get olive oil. I was so tempted to slip a few of them into my purse, but I didn’t.


After lunch it was back to the streets for some more shopping. It was so fun, yet very tiring. I think Milan is definitely a shopping city. While they didn’t have the a lot of turist-y sites, they did have the most amazing stores!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large Zara or so many stores. Jessica and I even got lost inside a giant Abercrombie and Fitch (we went to see the models and to just get a taste of home?)


IMG_2295 IMG_2294

And the shoes! :3


And then we went to the top floor of an department store and found all these bougie food stuffs:


Well this post was short, but there isn’t much to say about shopping in Milan. And I highly doubt you guys want to hear me babble about it. It was pretty fun and by the time we went back to the hostel I was absolutely tired. I do know I want to go back to Milan again, but this time I’ll have more money to burn next time :p

Hugs and puppies!



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