A Day in Frankfurt

After Milan, Jessica and I headed up to Frankfurt, the business and financial center of Germany. Now, why didn’t we go to Berlin you ask? Because well, Frankfurt was cheaper and we were only going to be there for a day, so why now? When we landed in the Frankfurt Hahn airport, we were about a hour away from Frankfurt by bus and 2 hours away from Heidelberg. I would have been happy to go to Heidelberg seeing as I had family friends there, but since I had been there already and we were feeling adventurous we chose to go to Frankfurt.So we bought a breakfast pretzel, stowed our bags in lockers and hopped onto the bus.


It was pretty…well to be honest it was a business and financial center so there wasn’t a lot to do. Granted that might have been because Jessica and I didn’t really research any sites that we wanted to check out, but it was still fun. We got off the bus at the central train terminal, where we could’ve caught the train to Berlin or somewhere, but we only had a few hours (we had to take the last bus back to Hahn airport and that was around 11:30 pm. Seeing as going to Berlin would take about 4 hours and $150 we decided to just hop on the metro to the city center and explore.




When we got off the subway, we made our way around the center, stopping by a bratwurst stand for, well obviously for some bratwurst. I loved it. I had two during my short stay in Frankfurt, but I swear I could’ve eaten more. The bratwurst was so savory and it came in a bun, the german version of a hotdog, but so much better. There’s just something about grilled meats that I love. Jessica tried a currywurst and she loved it. I wish I’d gotten another one. It was just so good.

IMG_2332 IMG_2331

After our first bratwurst, we wandered around Frankfurt, stopping in front of the opera building


and then following the signs of other tourist sites. Along the way, we met another student from our NYU Madrid program and that was such a coincidence. He pointed us the direction of the river, telling us that that’s where all the fun stuff was. So we headed off. We walked along the river for a bit before crossing it. Interestingly, there were locks on the bridges just like the bridges near the Notre Dame.


After that, we stumbled across a cute little Teddy Bear museum, but it was really just a store. I found some adorable little cards there, but forgot to buy a few.

IMG_2359 IMG_2351

After that we found ourselves in a little plaza, which had some pretty awesome buildings. We stopped by a few stores. My favorite was a book store and of course, a kitchen store. They had so many cool things. We stopped by the bookstore in hopes to find a guidebook about Frankfurt and maybe see some more sites.

IMG_2370 IMG_2369

We also went to a gorgeous church, although we weren’t able to get inside.


After that, we made our way back to the city center where we stopped inside a candy store for gummies. I absolutely adore gummies and well in my opinion, Germany has the best gummies (Haribo anyone?)

IMG_2390We had been walking around a few hours, so we decided to sit down and relax a bit, people watching as we ate our gummies. Afterwards, we stopped into the Apple store (I know, what am I doing in an apple store?) to check our e-mail, look up places to go and chill out for a bit. After about an hour, we decided to go to the Botanical gardens. It seemed fun and interesting and it was closer to us than the zoo or the museums. So we grabbed another bratwurst to go and hopped onto the metro. When we got off the metro, we encountered a cool tower-esque building that was on one of the tourist signs back in the city center.



After snapping a few photos of it, we headed up to the botanical gardens and were just about to go in through the park when the woman at the ticket desk informed us that the botanical garden was probably closed at this time (it was only 5 or 6 pm). Jessica and I were a little disappointed and I felt guilty for spending a lot of time in the Apple store. If I had only discovered the botanical gardens earlier, we probably could’ve have had an interesting time. However, we did manage to wander around the area and come across some awesome looking houses as well as a nearby museum. Which was also closed. (Why is everything closed by 6 pm in Frankfurt? I have no idea. But I feel like that kind of makes sense). We did manage to stumble across cute little church though.

IMG_2387 IMG_2385

By this time, we were too tired to go back to the city center and wander around some more, so we went back to the main train terminal and headed to the bus stop to go back to the airport. By the time we got back, it was only 9 pm and our flight was the next morning, so we got our bags out of the lockers, grabbed some dinner at the airport kiosks (german style foods of course) and settled in for the night.

Let me tell you, spending the night in the airport is not as fun as you think it would be. With all that free time on your hands and nothing to do, Jessica and I caved and paid 4.50 euros for 24 hour wifi access (well I had bought it earlier in the morning) and we just watched youtube videos all night. Yup. Frankfurt was pretty boring, but I think as long as you plan for it, it can be quite fun. I do hope to go back and next time, I’ll really research what to do. Or maybe I’ll just go to Berlin or Heidelberg. Who knows?

Hugs and Puppies!




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