Relaxing in Kefalos


Kefalos was definitely one of my favorite stops. The beaches, the warmth, the emptiness. We went during the off peak season, but I liked it like that. I don’t think I would have been able to enjoy the beauty that is Kefalos while it was packed with tourists partying on the beaches. Being a huge nerd, when I grew up I didn’t read your classic fairy tales. I mean I did and I loved them, but I preferred reading Greek myths. My favorite being the story of Persephone, Daughter of Ceres. So you can imagine my excitement to finally be able to visit Greece. There was even a temple for Apollo on the island, but we couldn’t really find it. That’s okay, I know I’m going to be back in Greece to visit Athens, Mykonos, Crete…I think what drew me to greek myths was that they told of magical places that can actually be visited. I mean sure we can all go to London or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but we can’t really enter Diagon Alley nor can we really visit Hogwarts. Nor can we go to Narnia or visit the Tardis. But Greece, we can really go to Greece. It’s not man-made or anything. It’s always been there and it’s amazing.


When we first landed, it was raining. So we spent all day inside our little apartment, cuddled under the covers and watching youtube videos and catching up on whatever sleep we’ve lost. I mean the view was still beautiful, but we didn’t have umbrellas or rain shoes, so we didn’t really have a choice about wandering around. And trust me with early morning flights, we’d only been getting a few hours of sleep each night. Sleeping with the sound of rain pattering on the window and the waves crashing was absolute heaven. After a while, our host, Giorgos (he owned the apartments) and his wife, called us in for dinner. We had some fried chickpea fritters, which I got the recipe for, some seafood mixed with rice, salad and spaghetti. It was delicious. I think my favorite was the chickpea fritters. I’m definitely going to try and remake them when I get back to NYC and have my own kitchen to experiment in 🙂


After dinner, Jessica and I went for a walk around the beach. It had stopped raining and we lived literally 5 seconds away from the beach. We wandered around, loving the sound and the smell of the ocean. Enjoying the breeze. We stopped by a little supermarket that was open and bought some snacks to much on. Their pita chips are to die for. And I got these bagel chips-esque snack that was flavored with garlic and parmesan. Can I just say, the flavors exploding in my mouth were so delicious, I could’ve eaten those forever.

After a quick and well deserved shower, we headed to bed and prayed for the next day to be sunny and warm.

Hugs and puppies,



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