Camden Market and Kangaroo Burgers, Soup Kitchens and Tourist sites



During my last two days in London (yes I know this is a very late post), Max took me down along this little canal to Camden Market and he also took me to a soup kitchen, after which I met up with an old friend from middle school (it really is a small world after all) and we looked at all the tourist-y sites.

The canal was pretty fun. Not only did I get to see a quieter path within London, but I learned a bit about the importance of the canal way back when. Apparently, before planes and bigger ships, merchants would bring their wares down the canal. The canal even has a boat elevator, which is pretty neat. There are two gates where the canal gets higher. What happens is, the people on the boat close the gate farthest from them and drain the water from the small section of canal. They then open the gate closer to the boat to let the boat into the section. Then they close off the gates and fill the area with water until the boat reaches the new canal height, open the gates and release the boat. Ta-da boat elevator. Did you get that? Maybe it’s better in pictures?

IMG_8524 IMG_8525 IMG_8527

After walking along the canal, we entered Camden market, another big market. While the food is not as great as the food in Borough Market, they are said to have amazing, fun trinkets you can buy. I simply settled for a Kangaroo burger.


It was definitely a rich burger, but wasn’t as gamey as I thought it would be. It had more of a heavy feeling though, sitting in my stomach. I thought it was a lot fattier than beef burgers, but it wasn’t terrible. The stand also had zebra, crocodile and camel. Whoaaaaa. Intriguing, but I was full on kangaroo, so I passed.

Afterwards, we headed back to Max’s place to go grocery shopping and start our baking party, stopping along a few parks along the way.


Early sunday morning, Max and I dragged ourselves out of bed to go to the soup kitchen by 6 am (we woke up at 4:30. Yikes). Once we got there, we donned aprons, chugged coffee and began manning our stations. We were making traditional english breakfasts, so I was in charge of the bacon (6 rashers aka 6 stacks of bacon) and two boxes of sausages…

That's one of many batches of sausages...

That’s one of many batches of sausages…

Max was in charge of eggs as well as heating other foods (beans, tomatoes, etc) and then he was in charge of the cash register.


At 12 pm, we were free to go. So Max and I, after cleaning up, headed out to grab some bagels. After 6 hours of cooking, I was absolutely famished.


After our bagels, which were incredulously inexpensive (1 pound for a bagel with cream cheese. What???), Max went home to nap and I met up with my friend Andrea. We had gone to the same school and then she had moved away. By coincidence, she was studying in Cambridge, so we decided to meet up. After finding each other, we headed off to see the tourist-y sies of London. Aka….


Big Ben:


London Eye:


Buckingham Palace:


And then I was very tired, by then it was around 6 or 7 pm, so I headed home for a quick catnap and Andrea headed back to Cambridge. After my nap, Max and I ate a quick dinner and we went off to the pubs! Because I couldn’t leave London without a pint! Embarassingly, I was so tired that I got drunk off less than a quarter of a half-pint of cider, ate a lot of fried chicken and called it a night.


And woke up again at 4 am to catch the plane to Luton airport to catch my flight back to Madrid. After which, I went to my 3 pm class. It was a crazy day and let’s just say I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow that night!

My trip to London was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to go back. The parks, the markets, the pubs, the buses, everything is so amazing I really didn’t want to leave and found myself hating Madrid when I got back. But that’s about it for my travel posts. My semester abroad is officially over and I’m happy to say I’ll have and I do have access to a kitchen again.

Hugs and puppies!



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