My busy yet lazy summer days!


Long time, no post! It’s been a tad hard baking in my apartment seeing as it’s air condition less and using the oven raises the temperatures to hellish degrees. So I’ve just been watching netflix and knitting. Oops…sorry about that.

On the bright side, my kitchen trailing at Maison Kayser went well. Very well, so well that I got offered a full-time pastry chef position. Unfortunately, as I’m an F-1 international student on a student visa, accepting that would be a no-no. So I’ve been thinking about maybe taking on an internship there instead. Problem is, the Maison Kayser branch would be in New Jersey and well considering the hours and my full-time student position, I’m not sure how it will go. On the other bright side, I was told that I was attentive, I listened and I had a passion of the culinary aspect and they were all surprised that I’d never really worked in a professional kitchen before! Wooo points for me!

Second piece of good news, I FINALLY started my internship at Sweet Revenge and while it was pretty slow goings, I got to prepare some lunches, frost cupcakes, make a ton of frosting, and other kitchen stuff.

To say the two kitchens were different would be a understatement, the way each kitchen worked/was run was so many worlds apart, but I liked working in both. While I’ll currently be at Sweet Revenge, I hope to someday find myself in the Maison Kayser kitchen or another pastry kitchen in the future!

Hugs and puppies!



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