After Halloween Shenanigans

Hey Everyone!

So, I know I promised a Halloween treat. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time or ingredients to make one 😦 Instead I decided that I’d share with you my top Halloween candies (I know some of us are too old for trick or treating, but that doesn’t stop me from consuming candy during Halloween). I also know that it’s usually AFTER Halloween that we struggle with what to do with left over candies, so I’ll try to come up with some recipes for those!

So without further ado, Mimi’s top Halloween Candies!

1. Skittles

imagesI absolutely love skittles. I love the green and yellow ones, but I’ve recently discovered the different types of skittles (i.e the berry flavors and tropical flavors) and I’m absolutely hooked. Luckily I’ve had the self control to not go straight to the nearest store and stock up on these colorful, addictive candies

2. Midnight Milky Ways



Chocolate is always going to find it’s way on my lists and the milky way midnight bar is my pick. Not only is it absolutely delicious with chocolate malt nougat and caramel, but this baby is wrapped in dark chocolate. The dark chocolate, in my opinion counteracts the sweetness of the malt and the caramel and so it’s my favorite. I mean if you know me, you know that I love my dark chocolate

3. Starbursts


These colorful squares have always brought joy to me when I upended my halloween candy bag and found a few of them in my stash. I mean these were like candy gold (at least to me and my sister). I loved the starbursts, especially the pink and yellow. These were one of the candies that I hoarded.

4. Smarties

smarties candy

Another sugary love, smarties was perfect for when I was in class. I loved that I had a small stack of them to go through. They melted on my tongue, but not too fast. In a sense they were long lasting. They were sugary without being tooth achingly so (that being said, eating more than one pack of them at a time was a little too much). I still love these and love keeping them in my bags in case I need a quick sugar fix.

5. Kitkats



Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar! While I may not be a fan of milk chocolate, I will never turn down a kit kat bar. It’s just that good. In Japan there’s a ton of different kit kat flavors like green tea, cherry blossom, custard cream, etc. My ultimate favorite? The dark chocolate kit kat. Oh my goodness, I can eat those all day, every day.

6. Hershey’s Dark Chocolate


Um…it’s dark chocolate and I love dark chocolate. No explanation necessary

7. Tootsie Roll Pops


These were delicious. I love them. I found it odd that some people hated tootsie rolls and I guess that’s understandable, but I loved these tootsie roll pops. I mean it was a lollipop with a tootsie roll. It’s like two candies in one!

8. Chupa Chups


Talking about lollipops, I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with chupa chups. But these were amazing and they were really popular in Japan. I think my favorite flavor was the chocolate banana. I also loved that the lollipop sticks were hollow, so I used to use them as straws afterward. A chocolate banana chupa chup with a glass of milk was delicious. It was like flavored milk.

9. Sweetarts


If I was lucky enough to go to the American Embassy for trick or treating, I was so excited for these babies. Sweetarts were definitely one of my all time favorite candies and if I got it during Halloween, I would pick them out from the other candies and save them. And by save them I mean hide them in various corners of my room for later snacking. Of course they never lasted long, but boy were they savored.

10. Nerds


Another Halloween favorite. I think due to my Charlie and the Chocolate factory book, I was obsessed with anything Wonka and nerds and sweetarts were no exception. Although they’re at the bottom of this list (which is in no particular order), I’m pretty confident that these were my absolute favorites. When I was little, my mom would only let me choose a few candies to keep from my Halloween stash and the first candy I picked to keep was definitely my little box of nerds.

Well those are my favorites! As a kid, my favorite thing to do was sort through my candy after trick-or-treating. My sister and I would swap candy for at least an hour. She got all my butterfingers, reeses, anything with peanut butter (I’m deathly allergic) and I would get her smarties, tootsie rolls, etc. It was one of my favorite holidays and it still is. I mean the costumes, the candy, what’s not to love about Halloween?

Now that I’ve told you my favorite thing about Halloween, I’d love to hear about your favorite candies and what you love about Halloween! Leave a comment!

Hugs and puppies!


P.S none of these photos are mine, I found them all courtesy to my friend Google. Hope you all had a lovely, spooktastic Halloween!


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