Philippine Relief

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I was actually in Boston for a Career Forum, which is basically a recuitment event for Japanese Bilingual students to look for jobs. I went through some interesting experiences like my first ever case study interview and talked to some great people! Anyhoo, I hate bombarding you guys with requests (my last post was a plea for NYU Spoon subscriptions), but this is a very important issue for me and it would mean the world if you guys could help out!ONDOY_Help

Last friday, the Philippines was hit with a incredibly massive typhoon (Typhoon Haiyan to be exact) which resulted in about 800,000 people to be evacuated from their homes and into emergency shelters. So many of these people have been affected and I think it is important to help out as best as we can (even if we’re on the other side of the world). If you could donate something, anything ($5 will buy a food pack that will feed 4 to 5 people) that would be amazing! There was so much incredible response from everyone when Japan was hit with the double earthquake-typhoon in March of 2011, I really hope to be able to see that kind of response for the Philippines as well. 🙂

You can find some links here, to donate to a organization of your choice. Just scroll down!  

Hugs and puppies! Mimi


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