Peppermint bark

photo 1

Wow, time is flying by so fast! In two weeks, I have finals and then I’ll be heading home to Tokyo! Crazy right? Well since there’s always a calm before the storm, I decided to use the free time to whip up some peppermint bark. I had actually never made peppermint bark before and well since I’m not a huge fan of white or milk chocolate, I had never really tried it. But last night I did and it wasn’t bad at all! In fact, I can’t wait to make this again!

So let’s get started!


-12 ounces chocolate (If you want to use two different types of chocolates, use 12 ounces for each type)
-7 or 8 candy canes


  1. You’re definitely going to have to temper your chocolate if you want it to firm up at room temperature without having to rely on the fridge. Split your chocolate in half (6 ounces and 6 ounces).
  2. In a double boiler (if you don’t have one, simply bring 1 inch of water to a simmer in a sauce pot and place a metal bowl over it) and begin to melt the first half of your chocolate. Make sure to stir with a rubber spatula.
  3. While the chocolate melts, line a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum or parchment paper.
  4. Once the chocolate is almost melted, turn off the heat and remove the bowl from the top of the pot. Add in the other half of the chocolate and let it sit for a while before mixing.
  5. Unwrap the candy canes and crush them in a food processor or in a ziploc bag. Mix half the candy cane bits into the melted chocolate and pour into the prepared baking sheet.
  6. Sprinkle the rest of the candy cane pieces on top and gently press down to make sure that they stick to the chocolate.
  7. Let the chocolate sit at room temperature until it sets. Break off into pieces and enjoy!photo 2

I wasn’t able to temper the chocolate correctly, so it didn’t have a nice snap or a shiny finish and I ended up having to put it in the fridge for a few hours to firm up, but everyone enjoyed them and I think it was pretty successful for my first time 🙂 Now off to write my Anthropology paper!

Hugs and puppies!


4 thoughts on “Peppermint bark

    • It’s not hard at all! Trust me! I’ve been kind of hesitant to make candies since I don’t have a candy thermometer, but making chocolate bark was super easy and it’s hard to mess up!

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