About Mimi


Hi!  My name is Mimi Takano and I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. I’m an NYU alumna, where I studied media, culture and communications as well as food studies. I love to daydream, to read, and I have a huge passion of all things culinary.  Currently I’m working as a paralegal and baking by night. I can’t think of a better set-up 🙂

A little background info: I was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Growing up in an international school (The American School in Japan) allowed me to taste different types of cuisines and I think that’s was a great opportunity for me. My friends came from all around the world.  Currently, I have two dogs, a sister, and two amazing parents. I think I get my passion for cooking from my dad. He was always cooking amazing dinners for us and I loved watching over his shoulder or rather right in front of him, which was pretty frustrating for him because I always got in the way. While I loved to help my dad with dinner or make sunday brunch for my family since I was in kindergarten, I started actually baking/cooking in junior year and after that I fell in love with the culinary aspect of life.

I started this blog the summer of 2012 and hopefully will continue to blog for as long as I can.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and if you ever have any questions don’t be afraid to ask! I also hope that it inspires you to make something in your own kitchen 😀

Thanks for stopping by!

You can like me on facebook or follow me on instagram! @les_saveurs_de_mimi


10 thoughts on “About Mimi

  1. Dear Mimi, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and haven’t finished seeing all. Wish you much success with your education and thank you for treating our eyes with your creations. BTW, who enjoys eating all these yummies you make? Fae. 🙂

    • Hi Fae! Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me seeing as I’m still new to the blogospher :p. At the moment all of my friends and my boyfriend as well as I am enjoying my culinary yummies! I plan to start selling some soon (via etsy), so stay tuned!
      Hugs and puppies, Mimi 😀

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  3. Hi Mimi! Thank you so much for stopping by, I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts, your blog looks amazing and so professional! Let me know if you ever come to the windy city 🙂

    • Hi Jesi!
      Thank you so much! I’ve been trying really hard, but it’s hard without a DSLR camera :p (thank goodness my boyfriend likes dabbling in photography!) You’re blog looks pretty amazing too! I can’t wait to see more of your posts. And I will, please let me know if you’re ever in NYC 😀

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