Hello Summer! and my first adventure in London

So I’m finally done with finals. You know what that means? I’m officially a NYU senior, summer has begun and I can finally start blogging about London, my parents’ visit to Madrid and in a few days I will be going home to Tokyo! I’m so terribly excited! So let’s get started!


There are a couple of hilarious stories from my London trip and the first story starts with my very first adventure (or rather, panic attack) in London as soon as I stepped off the train from the airport.

I was supposed to catch the 11:48 pm train from Gatwick to Farringdon Underground. Unfortunately, my plane was 15 minutes early and so I caught a train that before the 11:48. I was a little worried at first, seeing as I had no idea which train to take, but this nice british guy  at the platform was kind enough to tell me which train to get on. In fact, since we were on the same train, we had a nice conversation about what I was doing in London (he was a londoner), where we were coming from, what I was planning on doing, etc. Well I waved goodbye to him at Farringdon station and briskly headed toward the exit, but my friend was no where to be found. I waited for a good 10 minutes before I started to worry a bit. I headed into the nearest bar in hopes of getting wifi. No such luck. So wandering around for 20 minutes or so, asking for wifi, I finally gathered my courage to go to the security office in hopes that they would let me use their computer. I was silly enough not to have my friend’s british number. Oops? I had hoped that I could get it off facebook, but without wifi there was no such luck. After a mini panic attack (there may or may not have been tears involved), I pushed the door open and asked if they had wifi so I could contact my friend. The security lady looked at me as if I were insane. Now comes the funny part…While she asked the younger security guy if I could somehow connect to wifi and he graciously lent me his phone to let me use facebook, she started asking me questions:

-Do I know the guy I was supposed to meet? Of course, he’s a friend from school

-Where was I coming from? Madrid, but I’m visiting a friend who’s studying in London

-Had I met him before? Obviously or I would be at a hostel

-Had we only communicated via facebook? of course not, I just don’t have a phone number or an address.

-Did I have a back-up place to stay? Uh….no, but I’m sure I can find a hostel. Worst case scenario.

Long story short, she assumed that I was meeting my friend like a blind date sort of thing and that he had stood me up. Ah. Well, not to sound silly, but I’m not exactly the kind of girl who’s naive enough to spend the night with some dude, whom I’ve never met before. Meanwhile the younger guard interjected that I was brave because it was my first time coming to London and I had no other contact method but facebook to get in touch with my friend. True that was a little stupid of me, but it was London! I assumed by speaking English, I’d manage somehow.

By then it was 12:15-12:30 ish and I finally managed to get a hold of my friend. He’s at the train station. Excited, I tell the security guards. The lady rolls her eyes at me (I think she thought I was crazy or something) and the guy looks relieved. We go to the back of the office where they have me scan the security cameras to see where he’s located in the train station and they also called his name on the PA system, requesting him to make himself known to the nearest station guard. That was pretty cool. I mean why wouldn’t it be? To have your name called on the PA system of a train station. In London! Ahahah well as we can all assume I finally met up with my friend. The lady went to go get him and I think she gave him a stern talking too because when I saw him, he apologized a lot. Not that it was a big deal. Now that I look back on it, my panic attack was only paranoia induced. So we thanked the guards, laughed it off and headed to his place.

And that was my first adventure in London. I thought it was pretty great start to the visit. Don’t you?  🙂

Okay, okay, okay maybe I am a little naive, but I was okay in the end! I wasn’t mugged nor attacked. I kept my calm (mostly) and it ended the way it was supposed to. I have nothing to complain about, just a awesome story to tell!

Hugs and puppies!