The Many Adventures of Mimi

Welcome to the Adventures of Mimi! This was like a travel diary of mine that I kept during my semester abroad in Europe! Take a look and I hope you enjoy!

The Madrid Files:

Sol is to Madrid, as TImes Square is to New York

Sol is to Madrid, as TImes Square is to New York

Hola España 

Perdido: getting lost on my first day and discovering how amazing nice Madrileños are

Casually being tourists, we’re allowed to be for at least one day no?

Old Madrid, with NYU Madrid professors as our tour guides, walking around Old Madrid was far from boring.

El Reina Sofia my first impresson of Madrid’s national museum of 20th century art

Segovia, A day trip to a picture-esque city full of breathtaking architecture

El Rastro, On sundays it seems that all of Madrid closes and shows up to this larger than life flea market

The Lisboa Files:IMG_6841

Hello Lisbon! Hours before the check-in, Jessica and I take Lisbon one hill at a time!

Castelo de São Jorge After wandering aimlessly around Lisbon for 2 hours, stopping by for our first pastel de nata and taking a quick break at our hostel, Jessica and I make our way to castle and do a little exploring

Last full day in Lisboa A day filled with lounging and wandering through Lisboa’s parks, shopping malls and marinas

The Paris Files:


Part 1:

Bonjour! After landing in Beauvais, Lea and I managed to find our way to Paris and settle down in my friend Julia’s apartment located in Rue d’Amsterdam.

Searching for Mona, our adventures in the Louvre

The Happiest Place in Europe, aka Julia and I enjoy a amazing day in Paris Disneyland despite the freezing cold

The Extremadura and Portugal files:


Mérida, in which we explore the Roman ruins including a anfiteatro and a teatro and stop by an aqueduct.

Plaza Mayor, the main square in Cáceres

Visiting Castle No. 1, Castelo de Vide: Crossing the border to Portugal

Castle No. 2, Marvâo: climbing walls and getting ambushed

The Paris Files part 2:


Wandering around Paris from Porte Maillot to Place de Clichy

Starting the trip off right? With Escargot and the Sacre Coeur

Being tourists, at the Eiffel Tower

Steak Night at Au Boeuf Couronné

The Layover, visiting the places that we wanted to visit after watching Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover and No Reservations

A break from the itinerary Sometimes travel plans can change

The Brussels Files:


Day one: Being a tourist, with some awesome perks

The City center, Manneken Pis, Tintin, chocolate stores oh my!

The Milan Files:


My Easter Sunday at the Duomo and our first day in Milan

Shopping spree!

The Frankfurt Files:

A day in Frankfurt, mostly spent walking around or gorging myself.

The Kefalos Files:


Rainy day in Kefalos

A day at the beach!

The Rome Files:


Living my Lizzie McGuire moment 

The London Files:


Hello from London 🙂

My very first adventure, about an hour after I disembark 🙂

Mischief Managed, Dreams come true at the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Running around London, from food markets, to London suburbs to Beyoncé to ice cream cocktails

Last few days in London, from Camden market and kangaroo burgers to late night pints and fried chicken

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